Happy Mo-...er...Tuesday!

Oh dear...Yep!  I'm a day behind.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, this week's journal entry is a day late.  I can't apologize enough.

However!  Here it is.

Lorenz is fixing people suffering from what appear to be vampire bites, Cyrus is brooding the situation, and then masked people show up at the door.

It's a case of a different kind and Lorenz isn't sure how best to aid his lover.




08/28/2016 10:42pm

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Don't fret too much! I am also just like you. There are days when I would write in my journal consecutively. But there are also days when I would write a day late because I am very busy with everything that's been going on in my life right now. As much as I want to document every single day of my life, there are days when I am too exhausted to do so. I would love it if I could read what I do every day because I know how entertaining that would be.

11/09/2016 6:39pm

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01/09/2017 4:21am

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