Happy Monday Everyone!

It's Monday and that means new Journal Entry from Lorenz!

It looks like this case might be wrapped up, however, Lorenz doesn't feel like he knows anymore than when he started.

Do the Jackals finally sleep?

The story of The Jackal is dedicated to Raziel Vaduva a truly wonderful and talented roleplayer I met on Second Life.  I adore him and have a lot of fun with his quirky psychotic character.  I hope the fun may continue.

As always, have a great week everyone and enjoy!



08/01/2016 6:56am

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08/03/2016 1:01am

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08/28/2016 10:42pm

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09/16/2017 1:59am

I love your artwork. Insanity and butts - this is clever really. Fun may continue and I like the way you make this happen. Thank you all for your work here, I am a fan.


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