Hello Everyone!

I know it's Monday, but I'm afraid there's no journal entry today.  Next week there definitely will be, but for today, how about a snippet of my WIP instead?

Right now I'm furiously working on Prima Donna, as I would like to showcase it when I am at Indie Rom Com in Tennessee come October.

I am currently about 29,000 words into the book, and it's probably about halfway done.  I want to have the rough draft of the manuscript completely finished by the end of the month, so I really need to buckle down.

Sylest and Lyn are drawing closer to one another and with that closeness comes admitting they enjoy certain activities in the bedroom.  After a nice meal the two of them begin discussing how to create a safe and consensual environment for play.

This has not be edited at all, I'm sorry if it's filled with typos, repeated words and spelling errors.  It will be cleaned quite a bit before the final draft.

Hope you enjoy!

Prima Donna - Yes, Mistress...




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08/28/2016 10:40pm

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