Happy Monday Everyone!

I have finally updated Lorenz's journal, and though it's not a whole lot, I hope it can be enjoyed.

As I have mentioned a few times, I've been incredibly ill for over a week.  I still don't feel great, but I'm better than I was.  And so!  I decided to explain Lorenz's absence from journaling in the same way...he's been sick.

The poor doctor got a bad bug and ended up laid out for the week.  Read about his trip through the bleh, and how his beloved vampire took care of him.

Thanks for putting up with my small absence and Happy Memorial Day.




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01/07/2017 6:14am



It is nice to hear that you recover now but not fully. Everyone knows that doctor always give the bundle of the medicine which is nonsense. But if you did not take the medicine, how you can recover soon? It sounds like good.


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