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As I said I would is the announcement of the 'Phoenix Heart' giveaway!

Grand Prize - Kevin T. Receives a copy of 'Fate Trail,' 'Phoenix Heart,' 'Phoenix Heart: Deluxe Edition' on an orange bracelet flashdrive and a signed art print.
Second Prize - Kym D. Receives a copy of 'Fate Trail,' 'Phoenix Heart,' and 'Phoenix Heart: Deluxe Edition' on an orange bracelet flashdrive.
Third Prize - Erick C. Receives a copy of 'Fate Trail,' 'Phoenix Heart,' and 'Phoenix Heart: Deluxe Edition' on an orange bracelet flashdrive.

In addition to the above prizes, there will also be little 'swag bags' inside the packages sent to the winners. I won't say what's inside the bags, only that I hope they will enjoy them!

So today I heard back from one of the places I sent my book off to be reviewed and while I had hoped for good news to go with my release, I'm afraid I do not have good news at all.  The first reviewer who took a look at 'Phoenix Heart' has filed it away as 'Did Not Finish' with very little good things to say.

Now, you're probably wondering with only a day before my book launches, why on Earth would I be telling everyone such a terrible thing?  Well, is it really so terrible?  A writer's gut reaction to a bad review is visceral.  There's a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, your face gets hot and you even feel a bit light headed no?  Isn't this why we tell each other to ignore bad reviews?  

After all, I have a handful of individuals that have read my book and this is the only one that has ever said they were anything less than hooked from the first few pages.  So instead of focusing on the fact that it was a bad review, I started poking at what it said and how I can use it to give all of you (potential readers) a more informed peek into what you might or might not want to read.

"I didn’t like either of the main characters," (Statement taken from the reviewer.)  From the get-go, I will let you know that you probably will want to hate the two main characters of this book for a good portion of it.  That is why there is a fabulous supporting cast, which this reviewer didn't mention in the least.  You will -want- to hate the two main characters, kind of in the way you want to hate Sherlock from BBC for being such a pretentious ass.  There will most likely be a gut reaction, a sort of emotional icky feeling, but at the same time there might be something about them that leads you on.  

I suggest many things about them with clues and subtle hints that the reviewer took as mistakes, stereotypes and lazy writing.  I promise you, they are not..."It’s also full of bad stereotypes.  Cyrus, (whose name changes to Shorty at one point) the “dark skinned vampire” wears baggy pants, baggy shirts, listens to rap music, and drives a Cadillac. He speaks in this weird ghetto slang part of the time, then other times doesn’t."  Tell me, if you were a nearly 500 year old African vampire living in America in this day-and-age, especially if you appear to only be 16-19 years of might you act/dress/etc.?

"Then there is the writing. There was way too much description, too many details, lots of wasted space telling things that we didn’t need to know."  If you don't like description or details, then my books will not be for you.  In my short stories I am much less detail oriented, as I have to get to the point much quicker.  I will suggest those to you.  I pay close attention to details and all descriptions have meaning.  If I'm describing something, then there's a reason.  I do not believe in 'wasted space' I'm far too OCD for that.  If I'm describing something odd, then there's probably a reason for it that will later present itself.  All my books are a puzzle, an intricate one, but I always hope they will be fun to unravel.  If that's not your thing, then my books will not be your thing.  

I sincerely do not wish someone to read something I have written and not have fun.  This reader was not having fun.  I think perhaps she picked it up looking for one thing and got something entirely different.  It happens, and I'm truly sorry for it.  Hopefully this wall of text might make a muddy water into a crystal clear lake.

I do take to heart what she said about editing and word repetition and hope to shape that ship up.  As many Indy writers, I'm working on my own with a team of under (no) paid individuals willing to give me their time when they can.  It has prompted yet another crash editing session happening at this very moment with launch literally tomorrow.  

I'm dedicated to giving individuals the best quality product that I can.  However, I also want people to know that the story that is being released is the story that I'm passionate about.  This isn't mindless sex between some pages, but an epic story about life, love and the pursuit of happiness against -unbelievable- odds.  The sex scenes are pretty hot (if I do say so myself) but they are only there to show connections between people trudging through day-to-day life in a storybook fantasy world that's gut wrenching and outlandish.

This will not be an easy read.  However, if you manage to get through the last page, I can guarantee that you'll be amongst those wanting me to complete book 2 as quickly as possible.   

Here's a link to the poor review.  Read it and decide for yourself if this is something that might actually interest you.  Do you want to know what it's all about?
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There's still some time to sign-up for the giveaway! Creep down to the post under this one and click for FREE SWAG!

It's Giveaway time! Starting midnight 5/12/14 the Giveaway will begin.  In order to be entered, all someone has to do is comment on this post and then click on the appropriate giveaway option on the Rafflecopter entry form below.  There are additional ways to gain more entries that will appear once you finish the initial entry.  Sign up just the once, or with all of them!  The choice is yours.

What can you win?  Phoenix Heart of course!  I'm giving away a copy of the regular AND Deluxe editions of the full-length book to three lucky winners.  These winners will also receive a copy of the short story, Fate Trail.  The files will be located on swag orange bracelet flash drives.  Cool huh??  In addition, one of the above lucky winners will be chosen to receive an exclusive art print depicting a scene from the book, signed by myself and my illustrator, April Mayfield!

Please, pass this around to all the book-lovers you know that might be interested in winning a m/m paranormal romance!
If you follow us on facebook you will have seen a lovely post about the up-coming release day and the possibility of WINNING SWAG.  There will be a Release Day Party held and some give-aways, including 3 copies of the full-length book and its free short story companion on orange bracelet flash drives.   AND 1 lucky winner will also receive an exclusive art print signed by my illustrator April Dawn Mayfield and myself!

Sounds awesome right?

Happy Monday!  aka Cinco De Mayo!