Today was the big cover reveal for both the full length novel and it's short story companion piece.  Since I put out those two graphically genius bits, I thought I would also throw up this lovely tid-bit.

This will actually end up going on the back of the cover, when we print paper backs.  I simply love this simple and yet deviously sexy little design.  Again, this was done by April Dawn Mayfield.  I don't know what I would do without my awesome illustrator.

There might be some 'rejected sketches' thrown your way soon, so keep an eye out for those.  We're going through picking out images for the Deluxe Edition of Phoenix Heart, where individuals will get 6 exclusive pieces of artwork along with the text of the book.  As we go through there are images that we decide just don't make the cut, and so those will end up here in the extras page!

Hard at work putting the finishing edits on Book 1, while simultaneously working on this website (and other little side tidbits).

To signify hard working efforts, I give you a cutesy little drawing of Horach and his furry companion 'Koala Dad.'

Horach is a 'Time Keeper,' which seems to be a fancy way of saying a Warlock that can travel through time.  Despite his disability, (he's deaf) the Warlock appears at pivotal moments in the series to help out the heroes in their times of most desperate need.

Artwork by my illustrious illustrator of sexy butts, April Dawn Mayfield.