Hello Lovelies!  I've been hard at work doing edits and thought you might enjoy a sexy little tidbit from Phoenix Heart.  Hope you enjoy!

Lorenz’ mouth fell open in a breathy gasp, feeling the tie tied around the back of his head.  He was left in the chair, unable to see what was going on; only hearing Shorty shuffle about the room.  After a few moments of tinkling dishes and thudding footsteps, Lorenz felt a tight grasp encircle one of his wrists and then the other.  Shorty tugged his lover’s arms gently behind his back, and used his own silky tie to bind said wrists together behind him.  He wound the smooth cloth around both wrists in a figure eight, and then coiled it around both before tying a loose bow.  Lorenz could easily have wriggled himself free, but there was no way the doctor wanted freedom from his bonds.
Something satiny smooth and sweet smelling was brushed across the doctor’s cheek and then his nose, the wonderful scent of roses flooding his nostrils and causing him to relax.  Calm settled through his entire body as he remembered frolicking through his mother’s rose garden as a little boy.  Shorty’s lips rested against the cone of the doctor’s ear as he spoke.  “The safe word is, ‘Fennec Fox.’”  
Lorenz’ chest arched up off the chair and he exclaimed in a desperate way without meaning to.  “Nein!  No safe vord, ravage me.  Do vhat ju vill.  I trust ju implicitly.  I do not care vhat ju do.”  
Shorty blinked at the outburst then shook his head, letting out a snort as he pecked a kiss to Lorenz’ cheek.  “Always use a safe word, Baby.  You know I wouldn’t hurt you for the world, but that doesn’t mean that playing around might not give one of us flashbacks or something fucked up.  Don’t be a hero, especially not for me.  I mean it.”  The doctor let out an exasperated sigh before nodding.  “All right, I understand.  Bitte, continue…”  The doctor started to squirm in his seat, arching his back and licking his lips in a pleading way.  He could already smell the chocolate, even though it was setting on the center of the kitchen table.