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Hello folks! It's Monday and we're back on our regular schedule!

To celebrate Halloween, we're having a festive! journal entry!

Lorenz is having (gasp!) fun traveling through the deserts of Egypt/Africa.  He finds himself loosening up and enjoying his life again.  When he and Cyrus come upon a little town in the throws of a festival, can he settle back and just enjoy himself for a while?

And what spooky stuff might happen in the morning? ;)

It's Journal Entry 19!

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone!

I know Monday usually brings about a new journal entry, but today is a little bit different.

Today is Release Day for my new book!

Today Blood & Soul hits shelves on ARe, Smashwords and Amazon (well supposed to be Amazon, but it's taking its sweet time).

Blood & Soul is a step away from my normal format and includes a new cast of characters and a new voice.  It's a first person perspective paranormal romance ghost story!  Just in time for Halloween.

Next week we'll get back to our regular schedule.  In the mean time, please check out my new release.  You can find the cover art and blurb at the link below, as well as where to make purchases.  The Amazon link is not up yet, I apologize for that.  I uploaded a full day in advance, but it's still not done 'processing' through the Amazon ebook shop.  Hopefully it will show-up soon and as soon as it does I will add that buy link as well.

Hello Everyone!

It's Monday again!

Monday brings with it new journal entry! Yay!

Lorenz finds himself in Egypt traveling around with a caravan.

During this journal entry, Lorenz describes a case that he and Cyrus work together. It's murder, mystery, a girl with three eyes and...zombies!? After all, it's getting close to Halloween.

Hope you all enjoy!

Let me know what you think about the story of the girl with a third eye. I'm thinking I might actually turn that into a short-story from Lorenz's point of view. I'd like to know if there's any interest in knowing what happened.


As promised...the official announcement of the release date of 'Blood &Soul.'

October 20th!

Be looking for this spooky ghost tale just in time for Halloween!

Blood & Soul

Words: Approximately 30,000

Blurb: Chase is an exorcist without a lot of money to his name. It might have something to do with him taking on cases for nominal fees, or maybe because he occasionally stops in motels and pays for sex. Whatever the cause may be for his downtrodden luck; he moves from place to place, snagging up odd supernatural related jobs.

In his most recent interlude, a family is concerned that a beautiful European woman has put some sort of hex on their ailing relative. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem, were the old man not sitting on a fortune. Desperate to keep their hands on the money, they offer to pay Chase to look into the situation.

At first he’s not inclined to accept, being as this does not seem like subject matter for an exorcist, but after having a dream including crying children in a spooky mansion, he opts to look into it. Dreams about crying children are never good omens in his line of work.

True to form, when he arrives in town, the old man is dead and a raven-haired woman and her enchanting son have taken over the inheritance. The icing on the cake is they are living in a creepy house that just happens to be the one Chase saw in his dream.

It becomes a race against time to find out the true nature of the woman and her son, as children start to vanish from the small town and Chase hears shrieks in the night. The young exorcist fights to keep his mind on the situation at hand, but the male youth of the house is gorgeous and enticing. Is he also a prisoner of this strange woman’s magic and needs to be set free, or is he a fiend intent on seducing and killing the exorcist that’s getting in the way?

Will Chase find love in this difficult case or will the exorcist become a ghost?

The sun is setting to the East at my back. I have been watching the house all day. No one has come or gone and my eyes are starting to feel dry. My stomach is rumbling, my back hurts, and my balls itch. To put it succinctly, I am uncomfortable and want a break.

I leave my post in the front of my camper and slip inside to make a snack and get a beer. I’d just twisted the cap off and put the lip of the bottle to my mouth when a scream lit up the darkening sky. It was a hollow and agonizing cry, as if someone was in terrible pain. More to the point, it was a man’s voice. The echo hits me in the chest hair and something flashes quickly in my mind’s eye. I see a child running down a labyrinth of corridors and then a door covered in blood being slammed.

Tumbling to my knees I grope for the door of the camper and then roll out onto the grass, somehow managing not to spill my beer. I am scrambling towards a little tripod with a telescope set-up so that I could view the house in the distance.

Blinking at the eyepiece I try to gain a good vantage point. I swing it back and forth, still clutching my beer in one hand. There is a shadow in front of the large bay window that faces the woods, but I can’t make out any features. My breath is coming in ragged gasps as I search for signs of a struggle and strain my ears for further sounds.

That’s when a deep and shy voice pipes up directly behind me.

“This is private property. My mother would not be happy to find you here.”

I let out a yelp and fall backwards. My beer goes flying into the air over my head. A man’s hand shoots out and catches the falling bottle. I stare up in wonder, seeing stars for a moment before a slicked-back head of raven hair and the most blazing set of hazel eyes comes into view.

He has a smile that could melt hearts and it shocks right through my chest and spreads down into my stomach, then further down. I have to swallow hard, because if I had thought the pictures I took of the young man from the house were handsome, they do not do him a lick of justice. He’s tall, lean, clean shaven and smells of spring flowers and ritual candles.

I should get into my camper and drive away.

Giving a lopsided grin, I roll to my bare feet; my hands dusting at the rear of my hole-filled jeans. “Well, what Mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” I wink towards him, and the pink that rushes to his cheeks sends a twist in my gut and more warmth to my crotch.

The story of the 'Gemini Prince' is almost complete. Have a snippet of a scene I just finished.


My cheeks flush and I stomp my foot anyways. “I do not have mood swings! I had to confront my father about you and the state of the kingdom. I spoke with my wife about us and…and look at me!” I had not realized until this very moment that I was nervous about how Hector would react to the changes in my body. While I never doubted that Hector loved me, he had fallen in love with a broad chested fully male prince with strong hands. I am now a bit more feminine with a thin waist and shapely hips. I am happier with my appearance as I can now dress with my mood of the day, either as a traditional stately prince or perhaps in a flowing gown if it suited me. This is how I always saw me, but is this something that Hector can live with? I did not have the answer.

He tilts his head, a grin spreading across his features as his eyes light up. “I am looking. The miracles of the Thirteen never cease. If I thought you beautiful before…you are absolutely breathtaking now. The person on the inside matches the outside, yes? I have so many possibilities flooding my mind. I want to go riding in the countryside with you, both of us dressed in the bright stately colors of our fathers. Or to have a ball with you in a flowing gown with yards of crystal glittering fabric so I might twirl you and twirl you…make all the ladies of the kingdom jealous.”

I feel as if a holy wind has gust through the room and hit me in the chest. The wind carried with it gunpowder and at the moment it touched my heart there was a spark. I explode into tiny particles of light and am cast in every direction. I shine as brightly as the stars as the fire burns and is blown around the room from the explosion and that blessed wind. Slowly the embers go out and I float to the floor forming back into my body. I gasp for air and drop to my knees as I stare at the most perfect being the Thirteen ever created. “How do you know exactly what to say?”

He glances to the ceiling as if in thought then offers a shrug. “Perhaps it is a gift.”

It's one year to the day that Lorenz met Cyrus! Lorenz wakes to an empty cabin and a sinking feeling. After a full day of worrying over what has happened to his vampire companion the night ends in a maddening twist.

How much more of the current arrangement can Lorenz take? He's not sure...all he's sure of is that he's slowly going insane.

Monday means it's new Journal Entry Day! Enjoy Lorenz's pain.