Monday Again!

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Monday means another journal entry! Lorenz wakes on Valentine's Day to see that his vampire traveling companion has gotten him a gift. But what does it mean?! Or does it mean anything at all...

You be the judge!


Hello guys and gals!

It's Monday again and that means journal entry day!

It's Christmas Day and Lorenz gets a big surprise from his traveling vampire companion. Can one day of blissful celebration help Lorenz get over his self-loathing or will he return to his self-destructive behavior come the New Year?

Find out in Journal Entry #15!


Guess what today is...that's right! It's Monday!

And Monday means that it's New Journal Entry Day.

The war has hit a devastating crest and with it comes a storm like no other. While Lorenz thought he would surely perish, an unlikely hero stepped in and saved him. However, is Lorenz now a free man...or in a different kind of captivity?

Ladies and gentlemen today is the day that Lorenz writes in his journal about the first time he met the vampire that would become the love of his life. This was not a meeting of sunshine and roses. This was a meeting of blood, torment and terror.

If you have not read 'Phoenix Heart' this is how the book begins. You need not actually read the full book or buy it in order to enjoy the scene that Lorenz talks about in this journal entry. On Amazon or Smashwords you can look at the 'free' pages in the beginning. Tie it all together and see just why Lorenz and Shorty's 'anniversary' is always so intense and bitter-sweet for the couple.



I have finished the story that I was challenged to do by my friends. The short story of Cerberalious, the dog with seven heads and seven penises is not only finished, it has been posted.

I made a new section on Lorenz's blog so that I can post unrelated stories. So please, go check out the short story 'Seven.'

Hello again!

It's Monday and that means it's journal entry time!

Today is a day filled with sadness and regret. Lorenz has lost his best friend and he doesn't appear to be handling it very well.

Are Lorenz's thoughts of suicide real or just a reaction to losing his best friend? You be the judge!


3/5 for Isle of Illusions from Inked Rainbow Reads. Thanks so much for the review!

Inked Rainbow Reads appears to be having some website trouble, so here is the review that was posted for 'Isle of Illusions.'

"Three stars

This anachronistic but earnest tale charmed me despite itself. The sex is excellent, plentiful, and smoldering. The action is adventurey. The vampiric and other powers are believable. There's some violence, some gore, and lots of creepy.

Cyrus the ancient, dark-skinned vampire has been in love Lorenz the German doctor for ten years. That's the set-up. They make out. There is peril. There is setting and atmosphere.

It's apparently 1954? Suspending disbelief, however, is hobbled by the unnecessary dialect Lorenz uses. Every "ju" instead of "you" grates and takes me out of the story. Other poor dialogue choices, like Cyrus's use of "Baby" to refer to Lorenz (what is he, James Bond?) permeate. Technology sways from Victorian to way too modern.

Past all that is a story worth reading. Isles of Illusions is a nice afternoon jaunt through a haunted world."
It's that time again!

I hope you all are having a hap-hap-happy Labor Day!

On this lovely day I have just posted Journal Entry 12!

Lorenz finds out a shocking secret about his best friend E. So shocking is it in fact that he becomes lost in anger and confusion. Lorenz becomes violent his mind...deranged. Did Lorenz just harm his best friend, or perhaps do exactly what the little nurse wanted him to do?

Check it out and judge for yourself!