Well, I finished the rough of what I've been working on. Now I'm starting some edits. I'm not really sure what to call it. I was considering 'The Exorcist and the Banshee's Son' but that seems sort of...cliche' somehow. o_O What do you guys think?


“You look deep in contemplation.”
I jumped at the sound of that deep silken voice. The young man’s ability to sneak up on me was not helping put me at ease. I had been sitting in a lawn chair with my lap top on my knees. I almost dumped it to the ground. Thankfully I managed to grapple onto it as I swung my attention to that beautiful youth with his raven slicked hair and intense hazel eyes.
“Ah yeah. Something at work just not adding up.” I tried to force a smile and not look put-off by having him sneak up on me like that.
Lysander shifted from one foot to the other. “I didn’t mean to startle you. Is this a bad time?”
I actually welcomed the distraction and found myself smiling for real this time. Shaking my head I got to my feet and motioned to the lawn chair. “Not at all. Please, have a seat. Would you like a beer?”
I could see the way he hesitated for a moment before moving to slide down. He was clearly uncomfortable and not sure what to do with himself. He sat up far too straight and leaned forward a bit. He was dressed in slacks and a jacket with the sleeves rolled up. The outfit was incredibly smart and expensive looking. It hugged his features perfectly and I had to look away, turning towards the camper.
“Just relax a little. I’m sure your mother won’t miss you for a few minutes hm?” He didn’t respond, so I quickly double stepped up into the camper and snagged two beers out of the fridge that barely worked.
When I returned he was still sitting in the lawn chair, but he had sank down into it just slightly, looking more at ease than when I left. I extended a hand towards him, watching him receive the beer. He nodded thankfully and I smiled, flopping down onto the grass in front of him.
“I didn’t mean to take your chair.” He said shyly, dipping his head.
I laughed and shook my head, a few strands of my shaggy mop getting down into my eyes. “Don’t be silly. I might be a squatting vagabond, but I’m not without some manners. Guests get the good seat. Besides, I wouldn’t want to see grass stains on that lovely suit.” I couldn’t stop the wink that fluttered its way up my face and into my eye.
The flush that appeared on him pleased me. I should not have been allowing myself to be distracted this way, but there was just something about this man that set my blood, and loins, aflame.
OK I have to share this.  THIS is G-Dragon.  G-Dragon is a Korean Rapper.  In 'Phoenix Heart' I refer to a Korean Rapper named 'G-Bear' that the main character of my stories adores.  The true person that Shorty loves and listens to is this person.  I did not use his real name because I do not have permission.  While I do not think that G-Dragon would care for me using his name in my books, I still do not want to use someone's name without their permission.  

This man is absolutely fabulous, genuine and a sweetheart.  This is his ALS icebucket challenge.  He notes that he gave over 81,000 US dollars along with having COPIOUS amounts of ice water dumped upon him.

THIS is the 'rap music' that my character is so thoroughly enthralled with.  In the text it even says very clearly that he listens to foreign music and there is a reason that he listens to this particular artist.  G-Dragon's music is fun, spunky, bubbly and encourages people to be original, seek freedom of expression and give back to your community.  This man is considered the 'King of Pop' in Korea.  He is an icon and a hero.  He wants to take on the world, and he's only a teenager.  Shorty admires him and truly hopes that he achieves his goals.  

When you consider the heroes of a hero...this is a staple.  My character 'Shorty' is slight, looks incredibly young, and has difficulty being taken seriously because of his looks, his race, etc.  So then you have this teenage rapper from Korea who is tiny, spunky, in your face and is trying to take the world by storm.  G-Dragon is everything that Shorty is and yet cannot be because he's a vampire and must hide in shadows.

Who knows, maybe one day Shorty will be able to meet 'G-Dragon.'  :) 


Say hello to the unveiling of the Blurb for 'Isle of Illusions!' Set to drop into laps everywhere 8-25-14.


The year is 1954 and this marks 10 rocky years that Cyrus has spent with his human companion, Dr. Lorenz Meissner. The two unlikely lovers, after some heated debate, decide to cross the Mediterranean and go on holiday in Italy.

At first it seems like a dream vacation for the paranormal investigators, but the tide turns as rumors of ghoulishly twisted animals washing ashore reaches Lorenz’s ears. Cyrus is quick to dismiss the hearsay. However, something about the description of an animal with two heads has the doctor shaken.

Just when the two think they might get back to enjoying sandy beaches and quiet walks, something far more substantial than whispers of grotesque animals is swept in by the sea. The body of a human being washes ashore in a state that definitely suggests paranormal foul play.

Not only is the lovers’ vacation cut short, they are thrust into a ghostly case involving a sinister plot on an island cut off from civilization, which happens to sport a terrifying asylum.

Can our heroes escape the madness surrounding them or will they be trapped forever on the Isle of Illusions?

And how about a little excerpt too just to wet your whistle!?


When Cyrus awoke several hours later, his beloved was on the couch nursing a glass. The vampire furled his brows as he rolled out of bed and nearly tripped over a wine bottle. “Hmm…rough day?”

Lorenz’s face was pink and his hand was trembling. “The experiments…they are happening again. I heard them talking. We have to go back. We have to turn around! The bombs…Mein Gott!”

Cyrus blurred across the room, barely catching the glass as it tumbled from his lover’s hand. Lorenz had put his hands over his ears and started to rock back and forth. “OK, OK! Whoa whoa, Baby. There are no bombs. There are no experiments. Just breathe.” Strong dark arms encircled his lover’s trembling frame, ready for the other to start fighting back. Cyrus ducked a few flailing limbs and ignored the German’s screams. “Sshhh! It’s ok, it’s just me. Lorenz, Lorenz it’s me. It’s Cyrus. Come on, I think it’s time you lie down. I’m sorry I stayed in bed all day.”

Cyrus frowned deeply as he gathered up Lorenz’s flailing frame, taking a few smacks and even a punch to the face. He was used to the fits, but it had been such a long time since either of them had one, especially one so violent. Eventually he had to throw his lover onto the bed and restrain him. Honey eyes stared down into the other’s vacant face. He knew that Lorenz was somewhere far away, watching horrors that no being should ever be forced to engage.

Sighing heavily he leaned down and pressed their foreheads together. “Please forgive me, but you must rest.” Their minds linked together and briefly Cyrus could see the laboratory with its sterile white walls. There was a man with a mask over his face, peering into the cages of some animals. Flashes filled his mind with fear, disgust and a sense of having no control. The animals changed to people and while none of them were human, seeing them in cages turned his stomach.

The vampire literally bit his tongue, feeling blood flood his mouth as he tried to ignore any emotions he might have over the experimentation done on supernatural creatures. It wasn’t anything new for humans to try and learn how vampires or other creatures functioned. Focusing his thoughts, he forced Lorenz’s tortured mind to go black, freeing him from the flashbacks. The thrashing stopped and he began petting at the other’s face. “Ssshhh…it’s not your fault. They wanted your father’s research. They wanted your expertise. You did what you had to do to protect your mother. I know you never wanted to hurt anyone, Baby. I know…”

Lorenz went still, breathing evenly as his blue eyes slid shut. As he had passed out, salty hot tears rolled down from his eyes. Cyrus sat on the edge of the bed staring at his beloved for what seemed like an eternity. He absently wondered if the entire trip was a mistake. He had pushed his lover, believing that the two of them had come so far since the horrors of the war. However, perhaps they had not come quite far enough in healing their emotional wounds.

Eventually Cyrus got up and went to take a shower. He dressed and moved up through the ship. He needed fresh air to clear his head. The Elder truly did not know what he would say to Lorenz when he saw him next. The plan was that he would hide in the depths with the luggage again. They would dock the next morning and so he had to be ready to be transported to the train. There was nothing to be done but trust that his love would recover as he always did. It was with a heavy heart that he disappeared into the bowels of the ship.
Hello all! Guess what just went up? That's right! Journal Entry 11!

Dr. Lorenz Meissner has found a friend in the new boisterous and no-non-sense nurse 'E.' However, will the two become -more- than just friends??

What happens when you mix a private dinner, a bottle of wine, and an open bathroom door!?

Find out in this week's journal entry!



Hello Folks!

Back in the saddle again this week. Journal Entry 10 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Lorenz has been living and working in the scary research facility for some time now. He's tired and jaded. But what is this?! There's someone new in his little world and they're throwing him for a loop!

Who is this mystery woman?! And why can he not take his eyes off her?!


'Phoenix Heart' has been re-edited and is now 35% off on ARe! You can get the regular or Deluxe Edition (with fabulous artwork including this steamy picture) at a huge discount for the next few days.

Phoenix is an epic m/m paranormal tale. Join a large cast of characters as they fall in love, fight demons and try their best to save the world.



The vampire weaved in and out of tables, waving his hands in front of patrons who seemed not to take notice of his presence; instead they stared up at a woman on stage. “I do believe we have fallen deep into my memories. This isn’t precisely a dream the way the others have been. This is an actual memory.” Nat strolled through the dimly lit area, his fingertips ghosting down the length of a shimmering wood bar. He seemed to be pondering fondly on the sights of this place. Slowly he spotted himself amongst the crowd, sitting at a small table front and center to the stage area, staring longingly up at the woman that was singing. “There!” He shouted, almost stumbling as he started through the crowd. Lorenz jumped just slightly and went after the vampire, reaching out to try and stop him, a hand looping around the man’s elbow. “Nat vait! Vhat are ju doing?”

The vampire stopped short when Lorenz gripped his arm, his excitement momentarily stalled. Nat drew in a deep breath and let it out with a shiver of his entire body. “There I am. I was here…I saw her and…” Nat motioned up to the woman at the microphone— this caused Lorenz’s gaze to trail upwards. The moment blue eyes settled upon the woman singing he hissed through clenched teeth and took a step back. “It’s the demon!”

The woman was tall and beautiful, with a thin figure and long limbs. She had jet black hair, slicked back away from a snow white face. Her lips were painted blood red and her dark eyes seemed to draw the entire room under a spell. The woman’s every movement was almost ethereal. She was dressed all in white; her gown flowing around her feet and blowing in an unseen breeze. The vampire shook his head. “She was not a demon. Not in this moment anyways. That woman up on that stage is human, and I was captivated.” Nat swallowed hard, his eyes filling with shame and guilt almost instantly. Lorenz snapped his head to look towards the vampire. “Vhat are ju saying? She ist the demon. Ve have fought her und vait the demon is possessing this voman?”

Nat reached up to hold his head, starting to stumble. A pained look fell across his features and black spidery veins began to paint across his face, beginning from the corners of his lips. Lorenz gasped; reaching out to wrap an arm around the man’s back, helping to steady him. “Some humans choose to be possessed. They enjoy the power. They are the greatest charlatans the world has ever known. She was so charming, so innocent. I was a fool.”

Lorenz’s eyes went wide as he watched the black veins spreading across Nat’s face. “Ju vere poisoned!” Nat choked, finding it more and more difficult to remain standing. His dark brown eyes were becoming dull, almost clouded over like cataracts. “She kissed me.” He said with a soft dreamy purr to his voice. Lorenz gasped, ducking his head so he could throw one of Nat’s arms over his shoulder and hoist the vampire up. The doctor spied an Exit sign nearby and began to drag the other towards it. “That ist the way she made ju fall into this deep sleep. The same vay that Khaba Khyan did to me, she did to ju. Only her poison ist that of a demon, making it deadly.”

Nat was growing more pale and weak by the second, his figure becoming heavier against Lorenz’s body, but the German just kept dragging. They burst through the exit and were out on a dark street. “Nat, after the club, vhere did ju go vith her? Nat! Nat please stay vith me! Ju have to tell me vhere ju took the voman! Ju two left the club to go have sex. Vhere did ju!? Vhere are ju!?”

Nat’s head wobbled around and he moaned as if in terrible pain. After a long moment he coughed, black ooze dribbling out of the corner of his mouth. “We flew.” He muttered through parched and pale lips. Lorenz blinked a few times, looking around him to see the streets melting and giving way to trees and countryside. The street was now a path that led to an old crumbling castle covered in moss.

Lorenz gasped and started to drag the vampire, his legs having gone limp and leaving trails in the dirt behind them. “Aren’t ju a hopeless romantic. This makes things a thousand times more complicated ju know! Vhy couldn’t ju have been some sleaze und taken her to a damned roach motel that I could find on Google maps!”