There's still some time to sign-up for the giveaway! Creep down to the post under this one and click for FREE SWAG!

It's Giveaway time! Starting midnight 5/12/14 the Giveaway will begin.  In order to be entered, all someone has to do is comment on this post and then click on the appropriate giveaway option on the Rafflecopter entry form below.  There are additional ways to gain more entries that will appear once you finish the initial entry.  Sign up just the once, or with all of them!  The choice is yours.

What can you win?  Phoenix Heart of course!  I'm giving away a copy of the regular AND Deluxe editions of the full-length book to three lucky winners.  These winners will also receive a copy of the short story, Fate Trail.  The files will be located on swag orange bracelet flash drives.  Cool huh??  In addition, one of the above lucky winners will be chosen to receive an exclusive art print depicting a scene from the book, signed by myself and my illustrator, April Mayfield!

Please, pass this around to all the book-lovers you know that might be interested in winning a m/m paranormal romance!
If you follow us on facebook you will have seen a lovely post about the up-coming release day and the possibility of WINNING SWAG.  There will be a Release Day Party held and some give-aways, including 3 copies of the full-length book and its free short story companion on orange bracelet flash drives.   AND 1 lucky winner will also receive an exclusive art print signed by my illustrator April Dawn Mayfield and myself!

Sounds awesome right?

Happy Monday!  aka Cinco De Mayo!